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Weekly Dose of French Things! (15/8/2011)


PARISIAN POST-IT WAR: un véritable phénomène de mode?!!

It’s war in Paris! Well, ahem, not really. This entire summer, Parisian firms and enterprises have been competing in a fierce battle involving Mario, Luigi, Bart Simpson, Spongebob, Bowser, Pacman, (the annoying) Nyan cat, Donkey Kong; and the list can go on ad nauseum. The competition has been extraordinary: these enterprises have been competing against each other by placing multicolored Post-It Notes on window surfaces to create 3D “Pixel Art” visuals of our favorite video game characters! The company with the most creative Pixel Art à la nintendo wins! Fly to Paris tomorrow to see!

This Post-It war has even been commented on Twitter and the news, becoming the “addiction de l’été” (summer addiction) for sweaty French businessmen who believe in the proper ecological uses of Post-It paper. Le JDD affirms the Post-It war’s playful seriousness.

« Des employés de la société Ubisoft, dans un élan de procrastination, décident de décorer leurs fenêtres en reproduisant, grâce à des Post-it, des Aliens du jeu vidéo Space Invaders. Plus tard, l’immeuble d’en face abritant des salariés de la banque BNP décide de riposter, reproduisant le canon du même jeu censé détruire les aliens d’Ubisoft. Il n’en faudra pas plus pour que la bataille commence. » – Les Inrocks  

Bowser, the guardian of Princess Peach in the world-famous Mario Brothers game.

 Various gaming characters make an appearance on windows.

Check back for next week’s updates!



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