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Wildcats in France

As seen in John Syme’s lovely article on the Davidson Daybook  http://daybook.davidson.edu/?p=2547 , several Wildcats during their time abroad in France made the news!  Here, seniors of the Class of 2012, Luke Jenkins (the French Club’s very own Treasurer) and Caroline Fisher (a French major) share their opinions regarding the manifestations and strikes that took place in 2010. Way to go Cats!

 « Chez nous, on manifeste contre la guerre en Irak ou contre l’avortement. Ici, c’est incroyable, on voit les lycées bloqués par des poubelles et les grèves embêtent les gens dans la vie de tous les jours. Aux États-Unis, on peut prendre sa retraite à 65 ans, mais les gens continuent de travailler pour subvenir à leurs besoins. » – Luke and Caroline

“In the States, we have demonstrations against the War in Iraq or against abortion. It’s incredible here (in France); one can see that entries into high-schools are blocked by trash cans and that strikes are preventing people from going about their daily lives. In the States, one can retire at the age of 65; but people continue to work in order to provide for themselves.” – Luke and Caroline

“That’s our Luke Jenkins ’12 in the photo,” writes Dr. Carole Kruger, Associate Professor of French. “He’s the Lucas who is quoted at the top of the piece with Caroline Fisher. I am not the NR reporter understood how many of his subjects were from our program… These thoughtful young men and women are terrific ambassadors for our country and do Davidson College proud. Bonne lecture.”



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